Six Rules to Follow When Shopping for Vintage Furniture at Estate Sales

For the past six years, you’ve lived in a small condo in the city. Recently, you purchased a large, detached home in the suburbs. You absolutely adore your new place. Unfortunately, you don’t have enough furniture to put in your new house. If you...
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Collecting Valentine’s Day Cards

Cards published by Marcus Ward & Co. and illustrated by Kate Greenaway. Via Library of BirminghamWhile legend records that St. Valentine was an early Chrisitan martyr persecuted by the Roman Empire, his association with Valentine’s Day did not...
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Buy a Cuckoo Clock at an Estate Sale

If you love the look and sound of cuckoo clocks, then you might want to shop at an estate sale for them. While you can buy one just because you love it, knowing what to look for will help you get the most for your money. No one knows for sure who made...
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Collectable Christmas Valuables

As you prepare for the holiday season this year, you might want to find out if any of your holiday decor holds value as collectible items. While some ornaments like your child’s handprints made into an ornament for their first Christmas are priceless...
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The Exciting World of Thanksgiving Collectibles

History records that President George Washington signed the proclamation on October 3, 1789, creating the first Thanksgiving. Ever since families have been gathering for this annual tradition. Helping them celebrate, merchants have created many items...
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Shop For Halloween Collectibles At Estate Sales

If you step back before 1940 in America, Halloween was an adults-only holiday because it was seen as too scary for children. Today, many of the items used to decorate for Halloween parties are very collectible. Halloween Postcards Often adults would send...
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Shopping for Antique Jewelry Pieces: What You Need to Know

Shopping for antique jewelry at an estate sale can be a fun and productive way to spend a few hours. In fact, estate sales are one of the best ways to shop for antique jewelry pieces. As opposed to shopping online, going to an estate sale and purchasing...
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Valuing Antiques: The Advantages of Appraisal

There are a number of reasons you may need to hold an estate sale and could benefit from an appraisal service. Whether your loved one has passed, moved into an assisted living facility or only needs to downsize for other reasons, the process can be a...
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A Passion For Collecting & The Fascinating World of Timepieces

The world has always been fascinated by rare and mysterious objects. This fascination with objects that elude discovery has preoccupied many adventurers and collectors of rare objects throughout history. Passion and Focus Just like the wine collector...
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The Value Of A Professionally Arranged Estate Sale? You Decide

Likely you are reading this because you recently received the responsibility of arranging an estate sale for the property of a departed loved one. If this rings true, you undoubtedly want to get the maximum possible value for each and every item you sell....
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