How to Prepare Emotionally for Estate Auctions and Sales

If you’re getting ready to take on the task of downsizing or liquidating a parent’s home, you might be feeling stressed. That’s absolutely normal. Preparing for estate auctions or sales is a lot of work. And having to make decisions...
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5 Things to Know Before Buying an Antique Car

If you are an antique car lover, you might be tempted to splurge on the next vintage fixer-up you see. Every classic car collector can turn a bucket of bolts into a sweet ride, in their mind, at least. But before you blow your Benjamins on a car that’s...
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Elegant Estate: A Guide to Buying Antique Chandeliers

Are you an antique collector? Trying to pick up a new hobby and want to fuel your interest in home decor? Chandeliers are a cornerstone of interior design and have evolved from generation to generation. If you’re thinking about starting or building...
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5 Unique Elements of Antique Engagement Rings

Diamonds are a lady’s best friend. Antique engagement rings are classy, full of history – each with their own individual story, and can symbolize the timeless love that two people have for each other. Jewelry is a hot commodity, especially...
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Collecting Carnival Glass At Prestige Estate Sales

Carnival glass was made in the early 1900s. While this type of glass is highly popular today, many homemakers did not like it as well as depression glass. Therefore, many carnival companies gave it away as prizes when people played their games. Many collectors...
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The Needle in the Haystack: Finding Rare Books

Many people who love to spend their Saturdays at a flea market or an estate sale dream of that one special find. It’s that collectible piece that they’ll never get their hands on again, and that can become part of a collection of unique and rare...
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Six Rules to Follow When Shopping for Vintage Furniture at Estate Sales

For the past six years, you’ve lived in a small condo in the city. Recently, you purchased a large, detached home in the suburbs. You absolutely adore your new place. Unfortunately, you don’t have enough furniture to put in your new house. If you...
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Collecting Valentine’s Day Cards

Cards published by Marcus Ward & Co. and illustrated by Kate Greenaway. Via Library of BirminghamWhile legend records that St. Valentine was an early Chrisitan martyr persecuted by the Roman Empire, his association with Valentine’s Day did not...
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Buy a Cuckoo Clock at an Estate Sale

If you love the look and sound of cuckoo clocks, then you might want to shop at an estate sale for them. While you can buy one just because you love it, knowing what to look for will help you get the most for your money. No one knows for sure who made...
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Collectable Christmas Valuables

As you prepare for the holiday season this year, you might want to find out if any of your holiday decor holds value as collectible items. While some ornaments like your child’s handprints made into an ornament for their first Christmas are priceless...
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