A Quick Guide to Buying Estate Sale Furniture

You have to have a keen eye when it comes to buying estate sale furniture.

Maybe you have your heart set on the perfect vintage furniture piece to compliment your home, or you’re going for a mid-century modern look.

Chances are, you’ll find what you want at an estate sale.

Keep reading to learn the top tips for buying estate sale furniture.

Plan Ahead

Before you just show up at an estate sale, it helps to plan ahead.

The first thing you’ll want to do is check out where estate sales are happening. Some websites will give you the opportunity to see what is being sold ahead of time and you can think about the furniture pieces you’re looking for.

You also need to know your needs before you buy estate sale furniture. You’ll need to know your specific measurement requirements and have those handy for when you get to the sale.

You’ll also want to plan out a route to get to the estate sales. Some start early and you might have to contend with rush hour traffic.

Go Early

If there’s a specific furniture piece that you have an eye on, you’ll want to get to the estate sale as soon as it opens.

You’re going to have competition. As the real estate industry heats up, more people are moving, which increases the need for new furniture.

Pack a Few Necessities

Remember that you want to bring home the perfect piece of furniture that will fit in your home. It’s not only the size you need to be concerned with, but the color, too.

You’ll want to pack a small kit with a tape measure, photos of your own furniture, or color swatches, so you don’t leave the choice up to chance.

Having cash on you will help, too. While many estate sales accept credit cards, some may have a minimum purchase amount.

What you don’t want to bring with is a huge bag; otherwise, you might make fast friends with security.

Check the Quality

Before you buy estate sale furniture, you want to check the quality of the piece.

You can do that by using the flashlight feature on your cell phone to check for nicks and scratches that may be hard to see.

You’ll also want to see what kind of wood was used to make the piece. Solid wood pieces like oak or cherry will last a lifetime. Particleboard or plywood won’t hold up as well. Knowing the type of wood can make cleaning the piece easier, too.

If the piece is upholstered, you’ll want to take off the cushions of sofas and chairs. Of course, it’s good form to ask for permission first.

You’ll want to check for smells that may be hard to remove, pattern alignment in the fabric, and make sure the padding is firm.

Buy Estate Sale Furniture

Finding the perfect piece of furniture can take a lot of time and energy. However, if you prepare yourself, you can get exactly what you’re looking for.

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