Tampa & Sarasota Business Liquidators

If your Tampa, St. Pete, Sarasota or Bradenton business is closing it’s doors and you have plenty of inventory and office equipment or other items we can help.  Business Liquidations can be a good way to capture the value of the items in a business.  Cash in the pocket to help you get back on your feet is always a plus.

People close businesses all the time and for many reasons, retirement, selling a part of their business, closing, bankruptcy and more.  So no matter what your situation is and what the content is usually we can help to create a successful and profitable event for your business.

When processing business liquidations around the Tampa/Sarasota area, we bring out the crowds!  We have a list of unique buyers from industrial investors, interior designers and decorators, collectors, contractors and more.  So no matter the content we can bring in the right buyers in most instances. We have liquidated numerous businesses and would be glad to help you with your business liquidation and can provide references of past commercial clients.

We will value, photograph items, advertise items and the sale dates, tag everything, provide the staff to run the on-site event and cut you a check at the end for a percentage of the proceeds.  There is no cost to you up front or out of pocket.  So why not get the value right?  Right!  Prestige is here to help make this, often difficult, transition as successful and profitable as possible.

So when it’s time to consider closing your local area business consider giving us a call to discuss your project and we can put together a great event to help recoup some of the business debts or add to the profit!

Contact us today to discuss your Tampa/Sarasota business liquidation.  We service Tampa south to Marco Island. 1-844-EST-SALE or 941-893-3431