Elegant Estate: A Guide to Buying Antique Chandeliers

Are you an antique collector?

Trying to pick up a new hobby and want to fuel your interest in home decor?

Chandeliers are a cornerstone of interior design and have evolved from generation to generation.

If you’re thinking about starting or building upon a chandelier collection, here’s a quick-start guide to buying antique chandeliers!

Pick Out a Style

As with any kind of antiques, whether it be jewelry, glassware, or furniture, the styles vary over different periods of time. 

For example, Art Deco style chandeliers will be crafted with different looks and materials compared to chandeliers in the Victorian style.

Spend some time reviewing the styles of antique chandeliers that have been common in different eras and locations.  

Five common chandelier styles to note are:

  • Art Deco
  • Tiffany
  • Colonial Revival
  • Victorian 
  • Empire

Become acquainted with the various styles to find which one resonates most with you and the space that you’re creating.  

In the end, it’s all about your taste! 

Consider Your Space

Speaking of style, consider how the style of chandelier meshes with other elements of the room that you’re designing. 

Room size and ceiling height are crucial factors that you need to be aware of while shopping.

Also, be sure to evaluate the size and weight of the chandelier, and that you have the appropriate tools to mount the chandelier.

Quick tip: Always take proper measurements of both the room and the antique before purchasing.

Check the Value

Don’t be afraid to ask questions while shopping for a chandelier.

Get as many specifics as you can on the craftsmanship, age, and price of the chandelier.

A good rule of thumb to check for quality is to evaluate the depth of cut into the crystal and the sharpness of any design in metalwork.

Check for authenticity by looking for poor quality casting, sloppy glass cutting, and tinny-looking metal work.

Shop Around

Finding a deal is about being in the right place at the right time.

Try online auction marketplaces like eBay and look for local estate auctions.

Make an adventure out of it and take a trip to a more distant auction or antique show. You might find treasures you didn’t expect!

Inspect Antique Chandeliers As Soon As They Arrive

If you’re having your antique chandeliers shipped to your address, it’s absolutely worth noting to inspect the items for damage when they arrive.

Damage in shipping is not uncommon. Check for cracks and chips in glass or knicks and dents in metal components.

It also doesn’t hurt to get an extra look in to make sure that you’re getting what you paid for. 

Proper Upkeep

Once you have your chandelier, make sure it’s mounted in place safely and treat it with care

Separate components when cleaning your chandeliers.

Use mild detergents and polishes to ensure the antique keeps its original look and shine.

Avoid branded chandelier cleaning sprays, which are known to leave a film-like residue and cause more damage to the item.

A little TLC will ensure that you’ll be able to enjoy your antiques for years to come!

Happy Hunting!

With this guide under your belt, you’ve got some background to start shopping for the most beautiful antique chandeliers.

Know of any insider tips that we might’ve missed?

Curious about estate sales or want to share your recent finds in the chandelier market? 

Contact us and let us know. We’d love to connect with you!