Estate Buyouts

Sarasota Estate Sale – Prestige Estate Services can help with many other estate projects through the use of an estate buyout when;

1.  There is not enough value or quantity to justify an on-site Sarasota/Tampa estate sale.
2.  The property falls within restricted access areas such as gated communities.
3.  The HOA by-laws do allow such an event to be held within the community.
4.  Other reasons

We always suggest an onsite Sarasota estate sale before we do buyouts. When we process a buyout, we typically are offering lower amounts than what the item is worth as we have to cover the expenses of purchasing the item, moving the item, storing the item, advertising the item before we can actually hopefully sell the item. So in order for us to take this risk we can’t offer fair market values as this is what we are going to sell it for.

So offers are fairly low unless the items hold intrinsic value such as silver or gold. In these cases much higher offers are made on these types of items. Do not use those “We Buy Gold & Silver” businesses their payouts are close to 55% of the value.

So, we only suggest a buyout of the estate as a solution when this is absolutely the last option. But many times for the client it’s the best option due to tight timelines, closing of property sales, foreclosure or bankruptcy situations.

Having a Sarasota estate sale is by far the best way to go and the most profitable for you. You can easily increase the profitability of the estate through the use of an on-site estate sale by capturing or realizing the value of most items from the estate. If you know, with 100% certainty that you can not hold an on-site estate sale we can potentially offer you an estate solution through a buyout or even consignment (Consignment is limited to items that are in excellent condition or have much higher values.) or we can help with donation and haul-away projects as well.

We are only able to buy product from our “buyout list”.

Exceptions may be made for situations where you need to have junk removed along with a buyout. If we process a haul-away and donation service we may or may not make cash offers on a few select pieces to help off-set some of the haul-away expense.

Why you ask? Well if we are already on the premise for a haul-away job we have put a few dollars in our pockets which we can spend to buy a few pieces from you with the intent of reselling since we are already at the home. We do this to attempt to off-set some of the expense of the haul-away.

Prestige Estate Services Company Policy:

We can’t buy items from the estate unless they are on our buyout list or if you have hired us for donation and haul-away services. Unfortunately we can’t make exceptions to this as it’s our company policy.

If you possibly have a few nice items that you want to sell then we suggest you visit our consignment page for more information on selling select few items such as nice furniture, jewelry, art etc.

Estate buyouts are more of a thing of the past than an industry standard because of the cost is too high due to rising prices of gas, storage space, etc. But yes, we can and do process estate buyouts but we will require a list of items or pictures before we can set up an appointment to come take a look at your estate.

Let’s look at a few portions of this process. Buying out an estate means we buy everything!

So we are;

1.  Buying items we think we can resell.
2.  We are also buying more items that we don’t want or can’t resell. This is an expense, as we have to haul this stuff away.
3.  We have to move and store and advertise these items. Another expense.

So if at all possible let’s look at other options first and leave this as a last resort. Buyouts can be a great solution but they aren’t for everyone. Most clients understand they won’t make much on a buyout but it can be a means to an end, on a project that isn’t worth your time.

Our biggest issue or concern.

When we show up for a buyout and you think the antique secretary desk is worth $500.00 and it very well may be worth that, or, at the very least, close to that. When we offer $150.00 for it, we don’t want you to be insulted by the lower offers. We may not disagree on it’s value but what we have to buy it for and what you get for it will be considerably less than what it’s worth due to our expenses to get it to the sale floor ready for sale.

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