Estate Consignment

Do you have a few items that you no longer need or have room for?  Maybe your updating a room in the home and the stuff you have you don’t need but they are nice pieces and someone else would want them and you want to get the money out of these items then estate consignment may be the right estate solution.

If you don’t have enough items for an estate sale we can still help.  Consignment is a really good solution.  We offer many items through our online store which is owned and powered by Prestige Estate Services.  We sell many items through our online store and can add your items to our upcoming sales.

We suggest calling to find out what types of items we are currently seeking or accepting.  We will handle these items and place them in with other items from other clients’ estates and they will be priced and tagged for sale, for a course of three weekends and then if the item(s) haven’t sold by the end of this period we will place them up for auction.  It’s the best of both worlds!  First your items get several opportunities to sell as tagged or priced items.  Then, after numerous weekends to sell, if they don’t, they then will go to auction and this is a good way to realize some value for the items in a timely manner.

This process is a much better way to realize the value of these items in a much quicker and effective way than the typical 90 or 120 day consignment contracts which often lead to the items being reduced to 60% off before they sell, if they sell at all.  We create demand for the items in a much quicker time span with much better results.

All of our consigned pieces are of top quality and must be free from damage.  This ensures to our customers they can find consistently good pieces at fair prices, which means it helps you to sell your items.  So if the items are not in great condition they will likely not be accepted.  If you are interested and have some items that fit this criteria please send us your pictures of these items and we can arrange a time to come pick them up.

Contact us today to discuss consigning with us!