Home Inventory & Valuations

Are you currently involved in an estate that needs to be liquidated in or around the Sarasota area that is currently in dispute? Does the estate need to be inventoried and valued with an assessment so that the family or court can evenly or fairly divide or distribute the assets? Does the estate process as a whole seem confusing or causing family stress?

At Prestige Estate Services we can help with your Sarasota area estate and answer all of your questions. If you are an estate attorney, personal representative, company, bank or executor we can help you through this process of determining what is in the home and assess the value.

If a Sarasota estate sale seems to be the proper solution, we can help you navigate this process with our professional and experienced staff every step of the way.

Often, clients are required to know the fair market value of the items within the estate prior to the heirs handling asset distribution, liquidation or even to just keep an item. Prestige Estate Services Sarasota, FL can process an entire home inventory so you know what is there and it’s value. We will help to determine fair market values, provide a detailed report providing pictures and descriptions of items and the item’s location within the home. This report can be used by all parties, to communicate properly and effectively, from afar for family members that live out of town or are incapable of physically being present during this process.

Home inventory and valuations have also been previously performed for purposes of valuing the content of a furnished or turn key home which allows the sellers and the buyers to have a list of items and their respective prices when individuals want some, none or all of the home’s content when they purchased a furnished home or condo and need help negotiating it’s real, fair market value.

Prestige Estate Services can process a full or partial home inventory. Value thresholds, can be set so that time valuing inexpensive items isn’t wasted. This can be spectacular and stress free way to handle many estate situations by bringing in a third party to be an arbitrator like service. This can remove bias and present the real expectations of the estate to it’s heirs.

We can help with appraisals as well. Call us today at 813-701-2623 or 1-844-EST-SALE to set up your appointment or to discuss you, or your clients project needs. At Prestige Estate Services we have you covered. You are in the hands of the estate services experts!