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Sarasota Estate Sales Are Typically The Best Fit! – Sarasota, Bradenton, St. Pete & Tampa  Surrounding Areas

Sarasota Estate Sales combined with Prestige Estate Services are typically the best option when it comes to dealing with your Sarasota estate sale. We don’t just service Sarasota but St. Pete, Bradenton & Tampa areas. We offer our estate sale services across the country with multiple branches in the state of Florida and other locations across the U.S. You’re in the hands of “The Premier Estate Sale Experts”. As the industry leader of estate liquidators we can help you through just about any type of Sarasota estate sale situation you can think of for anywhere in and around Tampa south to Marco Island. From gated communities to appointment only estate sales to huge on-site estate sale events, we have you covered!

We have provided estate services from pro-athletes, senators, HGTV and many other high-end, clientele. Our services are private and extremely professional with Prestige (PES) you get the best for your Sarasota estate sale!

If you have a project and are stressed out, don’t have time, not sure what you have or have a lot of stuff, then holding a Sarasota or Tampa estate sale is a great way to accomplish, clearing a home for listing or to secure the value of the content through the use of an estate sale.

A lot of folks around town know us as Sarasota estate sales because that is what we do. At Prestige Estate Services we handle every aspect of your Tampa, St. Pete, Sarasota & Bradenton estate sale from A to Z! From a no obligation free on-site walkthrough to marketing, researching, valuation and appraisals, to tagging every item to successful sale days with HUGE crowds that are ready, willing and waiting to get in the door to post sale clean up and getting the home realtor ready.

When you hire Estate Sales Sarasota a.k.a. Prestige Estate Services you are getting the best in the business. No other company has more experience than we do. We employ more people and run more sales than any other company does. It’s this experience you want handling your sale. We run approximately 20 sales per month or more through our locations across you U.S. We have access to our own database that draws customers online and in person from all over the world to buy. We utilize our online store to be sure we get the most for every item. This allows each and every client the chance to showcase and sell their items at the on-site estate sale and online! So people can even shop from the seat of the favorite chair at home and have the items often mailed to them.

Don’t limit your Sarasota area estate sale to just local traffic! Let Prestige Estate Services help you go much bigger!

Prestige often conducts on-site estate sales, off-site estate sales, auctions online and live at the client’s premises. We are experts at finding and identifying items of value and finding the best way to sell them, to ensure we get the most money for your items. We are always paid on a commission basis so it is extremely important for the success of the sale to find the right valuation and sell the items at the highest amount possible. We only make money when our clients are making even more!

You will be amazed at what sells at our Sarasota and surrounding area estate sales so don’t donate anything or toss anything until after we have met for a walkthrough.

At Estate Sales Sarasota – Prestige Estate Services our vast knowledge in antiquities, collectables and modern décor and furnishings, allows us to accurately and appropriately deal with every type of estate from million dollar estates to the average estate with 40 years worth of stuff inside. Whether it’s a tag sale, moving sale, estate sale (all of which are the same just for different reasons) for needs of downsizing, relocating/moving sale, estate sale or selling it all to buy a boat and live aboard. We have done every type of sale, time and time over. You’re in the hands of “The Estate Sale Experts”.

Sarasota Estate Sales And Why They Are Better Than Auctions

Estate Auctions typically do not help to realize the full potential like an estate sale will. We encourage you to read more about Auctions Vs. Estate Sales page if you are considering an auction. This will help you decide what is best an estate sale or auction and explain that 98% of the time an estate sale is the best solution.

If you are the 2% that fit into the real need for an estate auction we can help there as well. Most often a Tampa estate sale is the best option due to the fact that we sell all the little stuff down to the .50 item. You would be surprised, how this little stuff adds up to thousands of dollars at many of our estate sales. Estate auctions won’t sell the little items, as the expense of the auctioneer and process doesn’t provide enough value to justify selling the .50 item.

Imagine an auctioneer holding up a 2 pack of brand new light bulbs. Is he going to spend the time to start the bidding at .05? Now I hear five cents anybody wanna go .10 how bout .10? I got .05 how bout .10? I got 10 anybody wanna go 15 cents? I got 10 how about 15?

Simply put, no.

And it’s this very reason that when we put 1.00 on that package of light bulbs and they sell for 1.00 and multiply that times a few thousand items you can see the reason why. Approximately, on average, about 60% of the items in a home are smaller priced items $1.00, $5.00 or $10.00. You will not get this service with an auction nor will you get the value.


If you had a $10,000.00 estate sale approximately $6,000.00 would come from small items. Not bad. Now let’s say you choose an auction. Subtract that $6,000.00 from the sale as they would have never been auctioned off. Now you’re at a $4,000.00 sale result.

We have all heard someone say “Oh did you see that Marilyn Monroe dress get bid up to 1.2 million the other day?” Yes very true. Items can be bid up in an auction setting, IF, you have the right people in the audience. 1.00 light bulbs will not be bid up to $25.00. If your estate has priceless heirlooms and antiquities that are museum quality then an auction may be what we suggest. But most people wouldn’t benefit from it. We do often have a few select items at a tag event or estate sale that are bid items only and you can couple the two options with Prestige Estate Services when warranted, but more often than not, a Tampa, St. Pete, Sarasota or Bradenton estate sale is the way to go.

Please do not get “Cherry-Picked” by Sarasota estate auction companies. In other words, do not sell a select few items to auction companies and decide to try to sell the rest at your Sarasota estate sale. Often people make this mistake and find out the hard way, that there isn’t enough value to hold a Sarasota estate sale at all. Now you have an estate sale with $6,000.00 worth of “stuff” you probably won’t get to sell as you have nothing to draw a crowd with! It’s the great stuff that draws crowds and helps to sell all the little stuff at your Sarasota estate sale.