Frequently Asked Questions

Sarasota Estate Sale Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do you have to pay Prestige Estate Services anything in advance of your Sarasota estate sale?

A: No. Prestige Estate Services does not charge any up-front fees nor are there any out of pocket costs to have us host your Sarasota estate sale.

Exceptions may be made in the cases of extreme situations such as hoarder homes or something outside of the normal estate sale scope of project.  This happens to less than about 5% of the Sarasota estate sales we process at Prestige Estate Services.

Q: When do you lower the price of items?

A: The first day of each of our Sarasota estate sales we do not negotiate on pricing.  We create a high volume of traffic that frequent our sales each day of the sale.  Because of this high demand, we don’t need to negotiate and all of our pricing is firm the first day.  Negotiation day is the second day of the sale and the last day, whatever items are left, are then reduced.

Q: How do you deal with stamps, silver, guns, small antiques, jewelry and vehicles?

A: The first step is having us perform a valuation or appraisal on these Sarasota estate items.  This is free of cost and is part of the Sarasota estate sale process that is provide to you by Prestige Estate Services.  Often times our gemologist, gun smith or other various experts will provide this assessment.  We then photograph the items and may even sell these items in different venues such as auction or consignment.  We always include them in the Sarasota estate sale in conjunction with other venues so that it helps drive traffic to the estate sale and helps to sell other items.  Often times, these highly valuable items are sold for a smaller fee than other items.  Items valued at $5,000.00 or more are sold for just a 15% commission so you get more of the money in your pocket!

Q: With a formal written appraisal report completed, what should I expect to receive?

A: A formal, bound, written presentation, presented in a professional manner.  An appraisal report should include the methodology, resources that were used to help identify and associate a value of these requested appraised items.  You will be provided a completed inventory, photographs and description of all personal property that is being appraised.  Also, the final written report should be dated and then signed by the appraiser.  This type of appraisal report is a viable and accepted solution that can be presented to attorneys, submitted to insurance or used in court proceedings.

Q: What do we charge and how do you get paid?

A: For our estate sales it is a commission or percentage of the overall sale proceeds.  This commission percentage is variable based upon a multitude of factors such as location, time, setup costs, size of the sale, security needs and other various factors.  Our fees are extremely competitive and are determined on-site during the walkthrough no obligation free consultation.

Q: Is there an agreement in place for your Sarasota/Tampa estate sale services?

A: Yes, we do put in writing, how the sale will operate from the initial day to the completion of the sale and what is expected.  This will block off your dates so we can save them for your sale weekend.  It’s very simple!  The agreement is in place to protect the integrity of the sale and states that you won’t cancel the sale the day before it starts and we won’t take a better sale in place of yours.

Q: Are we bonded & insured?

A: Yes, we have a $2,000,000.00 policy in place and we are fully bonded & insured.

Q: How do we advertise for our Sarasota estate sales or Tampa area estate sales?

A: First of all the advertising for all sales is the same.  We advertise with a plethora of resources that utilize a variety of marketing techniques including:

Local Newspapers

Email Newsletters To Thousands Of Shoppers, Dealers, Collectors and More

Online – Google, Bing, Yahoo

Social Media – Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets

Local Signage On Sale Days

Other conglomerate listing sites and More!

Q: How do take the next step to get started?

A: The initial step is to make a call to 941-893-3431 or 1-844-EST-SALE and one of our staff will walk you through the process, answer any questions you have and then schedule a free, no-obligation, on-site consultation with our Branch Managers Jeff & Jule.

Then we will meet with you to discuss expectations, sale options and schedule your sale.

Then our team of specialists and appraisers will begin setting up, displaying, sorting and organizing everything in the home.  Photographing the content and staging will continue and then we will host the event.

The values are assessed of all items and they are then priced and tagged.  On average the Sarasota estate sale process take approximately two weeks from the time we get started on-site to the time the sale has been completed.

After your Sarasota estate sale or Tampa estate sale is completed we can remove the few miscellaneous items and trash and even have the home cleaned so it’s realtor ready.

Q: What if I have privacy or security concerns?

A: With Prestige Estate Services your privacy and security is one of our top priorities to making your Sarasota estate sale a success!  All of our Sarasota estate sales are fully staffed with sale specialists at the point of sale and there is always one point of entry/exit.  Other employees are always “floating” the floors to assist customers with questions and sales.

Q: What kinds of items from the estate should be included in your Sarasota/Tampa estate sale?

A: All saleable items are included in the estate sale. This includes but is not limited to the following; antiques, coins, jewelry, cars, books, clothing, furniture, appliances and more!  Anything in the home is most likely sellable and should be included.  Don’t donate or throw items away thinking you are assisting the (“getting the estate ready”) process. Too often we see people donate themselves out of the ability to have an estate sale.  We sell just about everything and this adds important value to your Sarasota estate sale.

Q: Why does Prestige Estate Services encourage selling some of the higher value items online instead of the estate sale. 

A: More often than not, we will include all items in the on-site Sarasota estate sale and sometimes some items will be listed or sold online or at auction in conjunction with the estate sale.  By utilizing some of the online infrastructure we can open up the sale of many items to a national audience increasing profitability.

Q: Who prices all of the items in my Sarasota estate sale?

A: Prestige Estate Services prices all items. As needed, we partner with field experts to make sure we are getting the absolutely best valuation of your items. A good example would be a piece of Chinese art where the signature is written in Chinese.  We may need to have a translator brought in to properly appraise this type of item.

Q: When do I receive the proceeds from my Sarasota/Tampa estate sale?

A: An accounting summary and proceeds check is placed in the mail to the address you specified within 7 days of the final day of service.

If you have any further question please feel free to contacts us at [email protected] Or call us at 941-893-3431 or 1-844-EST-SALE