Home Cleaning

Post Sarasota Estate Sales Home Cleaning Services

Prestige Estate Services offers you a clean and simple solution to get your home realtor ready after an estate sale.  Whether you need it done once or if you want weekly cleaning services we can help.  We offer daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or one time only cleaning services and we are just a phone call away.

Often at the end of an estate sale we are contracted to not just haul-away the left over miscellaneous junk in the garage but to get the home spotless afterwards.  Our goal is to make any estate project as easy as possible while accomplishing the goals of our clients and getting the home cleaned, is often another way we can help!

The entire Prestige Estate Services team is verified and background checked and are the most friendly and reliable staff out there.

We bill by the hour and offer any type of cleaning you may need.  We can provide simple surface cleaning solutions to deep cleans on appliances.  It’s all the same hourly rate.  Don’t break a nail or even lift a finger!  Call us today to discuss your home cleaning needs.

Contact us today at 813-701-2623