What to Look for When Buying Vintage Furniture

Open the trade magazines and it seems like vintage furniture and decor pieces are setting records for sales on a regular basis. While it might seem like this could put vintage furniture out of the reach of most peoples’ budgets, there are so many great pieces out there at a reasonable price.

While it might be appealing to buy the first thing that looks cool to you, there are a lot of things to consider. Take some time to think about what you want before you buy. While the best pieces are in high demand, you should always think twice before you commit

Your best bet would be to know what to look for before you set foot in an estate sale. Before you invest in antique or vintage furniture, plan to follow these 4 tips.

1. Research Is Essential

Before you end up writing a check or swiping your card, become a knowledgeable buyer. Get to know some of the basic design periods and what language is used to describe pieces. If you have a favorite designer, see what their pieces go for.

If those pieces are out of reach, find some of their contemporaries. There could be some lesser known designers who make interesting work that’s half the price of that big name designer.

Remember to ask whether something is an original and not just “inspired by another designer.”

2. If All Else Fails, Go With 20th Century

There was a boom in the design market it in the 20th century. More durable materials, easier production processes, and changes in taste laid the foundation for designers from around the world. Many of their pieces are still in circulation today, attesting to the quality of their work.

While there are some big names like the Eames’s and Perriand’s of the world, there are lesser known designers whose work is still accessible.

3. Put Your Browsing Shoes On

You could slog through every flea market on the planet looking for the great piece, but you never know what you’ll encounter. The best place to get great quality antiques will always be close to home, at a nearby estate sale.

Even if you’re just browsing, listen closely to what the sellers have to say. Follow up with other people at the estate sale and see what info they have to offer.

4. Get Some Limited Editions

Whether you love them or feel kinda indifferent to them, if you run across a limited edition from a great designer, snatch it up. Even if you don’t end up keeping it, you could flip it or trade it for something you like more.

Limited runs are some of the most interesting and risk taking pieces out there. They’ll use unique materials you won’t find from run of the mill designers. Inspect everything carefully for chipping or peeling paint or cracks between the joints.

Vintage Furniture Is Fun And Practical

It can really excite people to come to your house filled with interesting vintage pieces of furniture. Great antiques can be a conversation starter when you’re entertaining. Vintage chairs and couches might be some of the most comfortable seats around.

If you’re ready to hit the estate sale circuit, contact us for more tips on where to go.

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